The Sending Sarah Orchard

Let’s take a mini hiatus from the Who Ya Gonna Call ghostbusters series.  Before we get to Part 3:  Jehovah Shalom, I want to introduce a new challenge.

Seriously–another challenge, Sarah?

Yes!  So you may remember December’s Operation Decoration challenge.  During that challenge God brought 11 new financial partners on board! It was so amazing to see people saying yes to God and giving sacrificially to God’s work in Panama.

I am praying (God-willing) that I will be in Panama by the fall of 2018 to begin my new role in full-time ministry.  I will be focusing on children at risk while in Panama, sharing with them the love of God and the salvation of Jesus.  For me to be in Panama by the fall, I have to have 100% of my monthly financial support which brings me back to this next challenge. I present to you the:


What is the Sending Sarah Orchard?

Fifty percent in fifty days!

Untitled good

The goal is to reach 50% of my total monthly support in 50 days (before I move back to Pittsburgh).  This challenge starts on May 1, 2018 and will continue until the middle of June!  Here is how it works:

  • I will start with an empty bushel.
  • Each monthly financial gift has an apple associated with it.
  • When someone partners monthly, I will add that apple to the bushel.


Help me get to 50% of my total monthly support before the time runs out!

And no, caramel apples do not grow on real trees!

Click Here to Give Now

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